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Skills of Successful People

Let me tell you a huge secret that you are a successful person regardless of what you currently believe. We are all born with the tools to be a success. Ng b is actually the biggest secret about being successful is that it is attainable by all. So, if we all have the skills to fulfill our potential and be successful then why do so few people actually get there?

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Finding Stability In COVID 19 Business Climate| Going Digital

Many businesses are showing some resilience in this COVID19 pandemic, DTG printing being one of them. It’s an industry that has a pivotal role to play when the world transitions to the post-COVID 19 phase as well.

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Hot Items for the Holidays

Yes I know it is August and you are buried in back to school, but the 4th quarter is a make or break time of your for many industries and our decorating world is no different. So now is the time to start thinking about what your Holiday offering is going to look like.

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Three Quick Tips for Surviving Holiday Sales

The holidays are coming up faster than a greyhound on a wooden rabbit and if you aren't watchful, profits could sneak by you like the neighborhood tomcat during your afternoon nap. So how are you going to make the most of the shopping season? I've got three quick tips that you need to consider:

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Remarkable Stencil-Making System

Making a stencil is a big deal. The latest method takes these steps out of the mix: a film positive, emulsion, capillary film, exposure or drying time. Yes, you read this correctly.

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Making Your Embroidery Better

Because of my position at EnMart,  I get asked questions about how to improve an embroidery job or how to embroider a certain type of garment almost every day.    While the Internet is a great tool, and a great place to learn,  there can be as much misinformation as there can good information.   With that in mind,  I thought it might be a good idea to talk about a few ways to improve your embro

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Help Customers Sniff You Out

Did you get into this business because you love searching for customers, cold-calling, and facing rejection? I didn’t think so, yet so many garment decorating companies chase customers away from their business as if they were obnoxious squirrels, only to go searching for new clients – which is like digging up last year’s bones.

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Remember the Social in Social Media

I write and talk a lot about social media and one of the things I hear frequently is the comment "I tried social media and didn't get anywhere with it.   I don't think Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest (insert name of favorite social media site here) works for businesses".   Ineveitably,  when I take a look at the profile of the business in question,  what I find is a profile that focuses so

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Understanding Heat Transfers, con't

 Screen printed transfers will look and feel the most like direct screen printing.  Often even direct screen printers cannot tell the difference.  This is because screen printed transfers are printed with a special blend of plastisol ink, similar to ink a direct screen printer would use.  A vast majority of our customers prefer our professionally printed transfers over direct screen printing fo

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