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Three Quick Tips for Surviving Holiday Sales

The holidays are coming up faster than a greyhound on a wooden rabbit and if you aren't watchful, profits could sneak by you like the neighborhood tomcat during your afternoon nap. So how are you going to make the most of the shopping season? I've got three quick tips that you need to consider:

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Help Customers Sniff You Out

Did you get into this business because you love searching for customers, cold-calling, and facing rejection? I didn’t think so, yet so many garment decorating companies chase customers away from their business as if they were obnoxious squirrels, only to go searching for new clients – which is like digging up last year’s bones.

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Don't Growl, Don't Snap - Bite When the Time is Right.

After much discussion, the staff at Decorated Apparel Magazine decided to allow our morale officer - Jennie Fur (our Scottish Terrier) - her own blog space on the site. It didn't seem quite right at first, but with the number of dogs, cats, horses and even mice who have their own blogs on the internet, who were we to discriminate?

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