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Making Your Embroidery Better

Because of my position at EnMart,  I get asked questions about how to improve an embroidery job or how to embroider a certain type of garment almost every day.    While the Internet is a great tool, and a great place to learn,  there can be as much misinformation as there can good information.   With that in mind,  I thought it might be a good idea to talk about a few ways to improve your embro

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Remember the Social in Social Media

I write and talk a lot about social media and one of the things I hear frequently is the comment "I tried social media and didn't get anywhere with it.   I don't think Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest (insert name of favorite social media site here) works for businesses".   Ineveitably,  when I take a look at the profile of the business in question,  what I find is a profile that focuses so

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How to Get the Most Out of Trade Show Attendance

Since this magazine was created by the company that puts on one of the great series of trade shows in the industry,  the Decorated Aparel Expos or DAX Shows,  the topic of trade show attendance seemed appropriate for this blog.   While those of us who work for EnMart primarily attend trade shows as vendors these days,   we also know how valuable attending a trade show can be for those who own a

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