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November 2015

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Understanding Heat Transfers

Just as the word transfer is used many ways in the English language, there are many types of transfer technolgies available to decorate garments and textiles.  The common factor making the different technologies all transfers is they are all applied with the same type of heat machine.  Screen printed transfers - generally are hot or cold peel -  and can be printed in regular transfer plastisol

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How to Get the Most Out of Trade Show Attendance

Since this magazine was created by the company that puts on one of the great series of trade shows in the industry,  the Decorated Aparel Expos or DAX Shows,  the topic of trade show attendance seemed appropriate for this blog.   While those of us who work for EnMart primarily attend trade shows as vendors these days,   we also know how valuable attending a trade show can be for those who own a

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Don't Growl, Don't Snap - Bite When the Time is Right.

After much discussion, the staff at Decorated Apparel Magazine decided to allow our morale officer - Jennie Fur (our Scottish Terrier) - her own blog space on the site. It didn't seem quite right at first, but with the number of dogs, cats, horses and even mice who have their own blogs on the internet, who were we to discriminate?