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See you at DAX? is a product of Decorated Apparel Expo, Inc. So while this probably constitutes shameless promotion, who is coming to the DAX shows in 2016? More importantly - what do you want to see and learn?

Howard Duckston
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New heat press

I need a better heat press. I will be shopping for one at the show.

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Lots to Pick From

Howard - There will cerrtainly be lots of heat presses on the trade floor for you to pick from. Also - Jimmy Lamb will be giving a half-day seminar on making heat applied graphics come out perfect every time. See you at DAX!

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Will DAX be at the Grand Casino in 2017?

We went to the first one you had there but not since. It is to smokey for us. Even the non smoking rooms smell like smoke. Is there a posiblity you will have it somewhere else in the future?

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We will be back at Treasure Island in 2016. We have no contract for 2017 yet and are still searching for a location that is big enough to hold us that is not in downtown. Downtown parking and hotel room costs generated several times more concerns than smoke ever has.

Treasure Island remodeled last year and built a restaurant between the casino and the event center. That solved A LOT of the problem. They were also MUCH more careful to reserve more non-smoking rooms for us last year. We had only a couple complaints about smoke, and all but one of those came from our staff. In all, if you enter through the hotel entrance and walk through the non-smoke hallway to the event center, you shouldn't be bothered by smoke. I am personally very sensitive to smoke, and it didn't bother me last year. (And yes - the year before was not good for those of us who are not smokers)

Over Thanksgiving, Treasure Island installed a new air-handling system in the casino to better handle smoke too. We will be going down to check it out in late January.

Thanks for posting this. I think a few people felt the same as you did, and even though we had record numbers attending last year, I think more people would have attended if they knew the smoke issue was being dealt with, and it is getting better.

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Thank you for the update. I

Thank you for the update. I will start planning and try to make it this year

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Future DAX dates in MN

Hi Scott,
I try to go to the Mpls DAX shows as much as I can.BUT it always falls with our Spring Break. If you could move it one week either way would be great !! hint hint
I was able to go to this years Mpls and I just got back from the Chicago one. YES, both cities. I learned a ton and got to meet some great people and vendors. Thanks for doing this year after year. ..... I don't mind Treasure Island but Bloomington was a much better location.
Actually, any place in the cities would be better then driving an extra hr both ways. I have heard over the years that people won't go b/c they have to drive to Red Wing.

Thanks again Scott.

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Glad you enjoyed the shows.

Glad you enjoyed the shows. We actually have a psuedo 'club' of people who go to all 3 shows each year, but 2 is an achievement as well. For distance, I really wish we could have stayed in Bloomington too. The location was great. But since moving to Treasure Island, we've expanded to a point where the DoubleTree could never hold us again. At this moment, we feel like a youngest boy searching for hand-me-down clothes in a family of girls. Nothing fits right.

We will be back at Treasure Island March 31-April 1, 2017. Now that Treasure Island has successfully negated the smoke problem, we're actually hearing a number of people say they prefer it. We're still examining options for 2018, if we find a better fit - we'll be there.


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What's New

I will be there again this year. Love finding out what's new.

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Anxious to see you in Chicago!!!

I love this show... been attending forever!! I drove up to MN so being in Chicago is perfect for me.