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Help! Thread fraying.

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Help! Thread fraying.

I keep having the same problem on needle number 3 on my Toyota machine. The machine goes embroiderying for a while, then all of a sudden there is a big wad of shredded thread at the needle. I changed the needle and bobbin, and it dosnt matter what cone of thread I use, it keeps happening. It only happens on the one needle too. Any suggestions?

Jennie Fur
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I've had that problem!

Hi Jimmy. Let me take a bite at this one! This was a VERY common problem in the old days when thread guides were made of soft metal wire. Since the late 80's machines have had stamped, chrome plated thread guides and the problem has become rare.

What is likely happening, is you have a burr somewhere in the thread path. Perhaps the thread is running over a plastic area, or the chrome is faulty in one of the thread guides. If you take fine sandpaper and smooth every opening where the thread runs, I'm willing to bet dollars to biscuits that your problem disappears. Let me know!

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Jimmy did you figure out how

Jimmy did you figure out how to resolve this ? My sister is also facing a similar issue and wanted to find a solution for her . So here I am searching the web for a feasible solution to her problem. I will now ask her to try Jennie's trick with sand paper and see if that does the job for us.

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Help! Thread fraying.

When sewing, using the correct needle type and needle size for the top thread is as important as having a perfectly balanced top and bottom tension. If too small a needle is used, the thread may fray, shred, or break. There are not too many things more frustrating than having the top thread constantly break while sewing or quilting.

Emma Stone
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