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Stuck in the weeds

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Bill Spody
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Stuck in the weeds

I'm a newbie, so be gentle. I got a plotter and I started cutting vinyl to make signs. After the cutter gets done and I go to remove the excess vinyl, it just doesn't work good. I got a tool for picking the plastic when I bought the cutter, and I can pick up the outlines just fine, but the small letters get pulled away a lot of the time. It seems like the knife cuts through because all the big stuff has no problem. Anybody got some experience to lend?

Aaron Montgomery
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Bill - I know this post is

Bill - I know this post is pretty old so you might have this already figured out, but it sounds like it still might be the current of the cutter settings. Certain cutters can only cut so small, so when you get into fine details it just doesn't have the force to make those sharp turns and keep cutting well. I would check with the cutter manufacturer to find the smallest font it is capable of making and then work with them to make sure you have the speed and down force, set correctly.