Brown Manufacturing Group receives patent approval for the FireFly

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Wyoming, MI – Brown Manufacturing Group receives patent approval for the FireFly™.

FireFly™ technology. Patent number 15/177,290. BrownDigital, a division of Brown Manufacturing Group, Inc., is pleased to announce the patent approval for the FireFly Curing System. The technology of this patent allows the FireFly to monitor readings from thermal imaging cameras for constant substrate temperature control and immediate heater reaction. The cameras and the proprietary software gives the system the ability to change curing configurations for each separate substrate as it moves through the curing chamber. This means that in production, any product can be loaded onto the belt at any time.

Additional features to the FireFly include storage of up to 36 cure programs, multiple belts, modular and expandable design, touch screen controls and onboard diagnostics. Additionally, the Linx Software Integration option can add bar code controls, scanners and head-up displays.

The FireFly is only the beginning of the new technology that BrownDigital is unveiling. Recently the Vega UV/led curing unit was added to the product line. This unit is available separately or in conjunction with the FireFly to give full curing options to a production facility. On the same belt, at the same time, multiple products, requiring different or combined curing solutions can be run.

Also, soon to be released, is an expansion of the Linx Software Integration capabilities. Expanding this line from its current bar code tracking system into a complete production software package is the next step in the Linx project.

BrownDigital was formed to bring Brown Manufacturing Group’s innovative thinking into the new world of digital printing. Other products are in development and the BrownDigital line of production solutions continues to expand. Look for these and new developments within the Brown Manufacturing line of products.

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