Our Success Group releases a new online business growth training module experience. The 5 Keys of Business Success - Growing and Launching Online Training

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July 13, 2021 | St. Peters, MO - Todd Downing and Aaron Montgomery of Our Success Group recently announced a brand new resource for small businesses that are starting their business or ready to grow with a strong foundation of business success principles. The 5 Keys of Business Success - Growing and Launching Online Training. This experience includes over 5 hours of training videos broken down into 5 to 20 minute bite-size churches that are easy to follow along and take action immediately. The 25 specific detailed modules cover 5 keys areas of a business, including knowing all of your numbers, pricing for profit, workflow and organization, delivery and follow-up, plus the marketing foundation. In those 5 keys and 25 modules, there are 26 actions steps to take at the end of each module. These action steps are designed to give business owners the tools needed to work on their success foundation and put this training to work immediately.


Terry Combs who is a screen printing instructor working with many new businesses at TerryCombs.com said “Starting a new business can be exciting but a little scary. You’ve hung out your sign and opened your business. Now what? Business owners see others growing and flourishing but they don’t know how to build the foundation they need for success. This online training program does just that.” Our Success Group has built this program from its inception in January of 2020 and it is the culmination of working with growing businesses in its membership group and drawing on Todd and Aaron’s combine 50 years combine experience in the small business world. Their intention is to allow growing and new businesses to gain confidence and give them guardrails to steer them away from catastrophe. 


Jennessa Lystlund of Charmed and Gifted Designs who has been through the 5 Keys program said “If anyone is trying to decide if it the right investment for them, I'm here to tell you, DO IT. Before the 5 Keys, I was basically just guessing and trying to fumble my way through getting my business going. There is SO MUCH to learn when running a business and this initial 5 weeks of training was the difference between me giving up and being motivated to actually take the leap. I now have an ECWID store, engage with customers on social media, and had the guts to put myself out there to people outside of my "circle". My hobby that sometimes made me some pocket change is now my business that will help me realize financial and personal goals (outside of my day job) while still allowing me to share my passion for creating. I am forever grateful to OSG and the community that has come of it.”


Aaron Montgomery, the Co-Founder and CEO of Our Success Group says “The 5 Keys of Growing and Launching were built to give small business owners the tools they need to know their overhead numbers, price their products and services for profit, have an efficient and organized workflow, build a customer service plan that will 'wow' their customers, and have a marketing foundation so their Facebook posts, emails, and other marketing strategies will actually work.” This training program includes email support with less than 24 hour response time and it is offered from a certified Success Principles Coaching Team in OSG.


Our Success Group was created on the premise of empowering entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level with training, education, and community. The 5 Keys of Growing and Launching is the latest resource available and is being offered at an introductory price of $197. It normally sells for $497. The learn more and to sign up for this training, business owners can go to https://oursuccessgroup.com/5keys/.


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