Teamwork Utilizes Lean Manufacturing Methodology to Reinvent Retail

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Teamwork Utilizes Lean Manufacturing Methodology to Reinvent Retail

Teamwork Athletic’s technology and proprietary manufacturing processes enable it to develop, design, manufacture, and market apparel much faster than its competition.

San Marcos, CA (February 27, 2018) – Not only is Teamwork Athletic Apparel a leader in the sportswear industry, but they are a pioneering technology company with unique manufacturing processes that are changing the face of retail. “We have technology that allows us to do in hours or days what it takes our competitors weeks or months to do,” says Dave Caserta, president and CEO of the San Diego based company.

Teamwork’s proprietary technology, which was initially developed to cater to mass quantities of customized team uniforms, allows them to rapidly manufacture even the most complex orders within the quickest time frames. According to Caserta, “Most of our business is same-day, but we can turn around even the most complicated personalized mass orders within a lead time of three to ten days, with no minimum order sizes or set-up costs; typically, the lead time for such a highly customized product would be six to eight weeks.”

Fiscally, the typical brick and mortar retailer is unable to provide customers with large amounts product without suffering from excess inventory. Teamwork’s technology and no inventory business model all-together eliminates this issue.

Teamwork completes all of its own manufacturing within the company. Caserta describes Teamwork Athletic’s manufacturing as a one-piece-flow process influenced by lean manufacturing methodology. Not only does this type of manufacturing significantly minimize waste, but it reduces inventory, and it greatly improves the quality of the product.


About Teamwork: Teamwork Athletic Apparel is the industry’s fastest manufacturer of sublimated and recreational sports apparel. Teamwork Athletic holds multiple efficiency patents, which allows them to seamlessly produce made to order garments in record setting, and industry-leading timeframes. Teamwork’s premium sportswear brand, Prosphere, currently offers more than 10 million unique products, sold through thousands of authorized dealers.

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